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Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Welcome to our Corgi family.

Our Corgi family live in our home with us and a part of our family. As well, our puppies are raised indoors with daily loving. Our Corgi family consists of one mature male and three females, all of which are tri-colored, and one new comer a sable male puppy. Two of our furry friends are were born with "bobbed tails". They are American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Canine Association (ACA) registered. All have either been tested or are "clear" by parentage for genetic deseases common to Pemboke Welsh Corgis (PWC).

Looney Luna's Black Walnut Run - aka Wally

Wally is championship bred by Michelleen Horning of F&M Corgis. His sire F&M Corgi’s Storm Warning "Stormy" has achieved his championship. Wally is DM, VWD1 & EIC clear. 

(To view Wally's pedigree click above on his name.)



 Maddie was our first (PWC) - such a sweetheart and such a good "momma". She big help herding the horses in from pasture most afternoons. She has been genetically tested clear of VWD1, EIC and not at risk for DM. Boogie is one of her daughters from her first litter.


Maggie is the high energy "energizer bunny" of the family. She was born with a natural (tight) bobtail and is genetically clear by parentage of DM, VWD1 & EIC.

Klassique Boogie N Rhythm Bei Bei - aka Boogie

Boogie is more the laid back individual of the group.  She has championship bloodlines. She has been genetically tested clear of DM, EIC and not at risk for VWD1.


(To view Boogie's pedigree click above on her name.)

Klassique Chasin' Thyme (Ty)

Our little Ty has arrived. He was born with a natural (tight) bobtail and is genetically clear by parentage of DM, VWD1 & EIC. Ty lineage traces to include AKC & UKC championships in his female line.

Our AKC/ACA Limited Registered puppies range from $1200 to $1500 - this is Pet home price. At this time, we do not have any puppies available but are expecting a litter in late August.

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