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Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra

(Boones Little Buckeroo x W&LDs Peaches & Cream) 

AMHA #A14793; AMHR #27999A

DOB: 5/21/2003

Bay Sabino Stallion

One of a few sabino Boones Little Buckeroo sons. A proven stallion, his siblings are proven producers of World Champions! He's going to be one very busy fellow this breeding season. In his spare time, he'll be learning to drive.

Genetic color tested:

  • Negative for LWO gene.
  • Heterozygous, he carries one copy for the Sabino 1 gene and exhibits the characteristics.
  • Negative for Splashed White SW1, SW2 and SW3 mutations.


Klassique Red Hot N Cruzin

(Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra x Fallen Ash Scouts Black Minx)

AMHA #232989; AMHR #345081T

DOB: 6/12/2018





Klassique Moonlite Masterpiece

(Showcase Shoot The Moon x Libertys Sweet Dare)

DOB: 6/16/2019

AMHA #234808; AMHR #Pending

Genetic color tested to be:

Smoky Black Sabino Splash

  • Negative for LWO gene.
  • Homozygous Sabino.
  • Positive for Splashed White SW1; Negative for Splash White SW2 and SW3 mutations.

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