2020 Miniature Horse Sales

Unless otherwise noted all of our horses are registered AMHA and AMHR. By clicking on underlined text you will be linked to the horses' pedigrees or other in related information. Our mares have had many foals over the years that were purchased unregistered. Pedigrees can be seen by selecting the underlined names. 

Again, please select the underlined names for pedigrees and/or on the photos to view enlargements.

Please note, unless otherwise stated, none of these horses have been color pattern tested. The descriptions are based on visual inspection and/or by our best guess.

Klassique Karmel Kandy Dream

DOB: 5/21/2018


Kandy is a beautiful filly with lots of color and a pair of beautiful blue eyes - presence to spare! She is high percentage Shetland blend. She has been genetically tested to be a silver bay splash. She is homozygous for splash and LWO negative.











Showcase Shoot The Moon

DOB: 4/25/2003


Clyde is a Sabino, Splash, LWO negative stallion that has produced some awesome foals for us. Since We've retained both a filly and colt, he is being offered for sale as a stallion for awhile; however, if he remains with us his days as a stallion will come to an end and he will be retired to a life of leisure pastured with others. He is Showcase bred on the top and his dam line is Hobby Horse bred.






Lonestar Farms Classic Debut

DOB: 6/4/2004


"Sadie" is a 32" bay mare with a pedigree packed full of the industries notable breeders which includes three different crosses to Rowdy - one being NFC Rowdys Supreme who was the dam of NFC Rowdy Reigns Supreme, sold for $70,000 in 1993 -  and two crosses to Chianti. Her pedigree shows 7 generations and includes 66 registered horses. To get the full impact click on her photo to read for yourself. Both times crossed with sabinos, she has produced sabino fillies.

For Sale: $ 1,200.00





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