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2020 Miniature Horse Sales

2020 Miniature Horse Sales

Unless otherwise noted all of our horses are registered AMHA and AMHR. By clicking on underlined text you will be linked to the horses' pedigrees or other in related information. Our mares have had many foals over the years that were purchased unregistered. Many of our horses have, or are bred to stallions, that carry a very nice blend of the older foundation Shetland Ponies - ex. Gold Melody BoyRowdy - which you will be able to see when you view the pedigrees.

Click on their names for pedigrees and/or on the photos to view enlargements.

Please note, unless otherwise stated, none of these horses have been color pattern tested. The descriptions are based on visual inspection and/or by our best guess.

Klassique Flip A Chip

DOB: 6/21/2019


"Chip" is a beautiful, uniquely marked 2019 colt is by the Boone Little Buckeroo son Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra (tested Sabino) and out of Birchwoods Godivia Gold (Palomino). He is very upright and legging, as a miniature horse he has the potential to just about anything his new owner would like to pursue. He will be double registered with AMHA and AMHR. A deposit will hold until weaning. Genetic color testing results: ee (red), AA (Agouti), nn (Cream), nd1/nd2 (Dun), nn (Silver), nn (Champagne), nn (Pearl), nT (Tobiano), nn (LWO), nSb1 (Sabino), nn (Splash 1), nn (Splash 2), nn (Splash 3), lp/lp (LP), n/n (PATN1).


Klassique Karmel Kandy Dream

DOB: 5/21/2018


Kandy is a beautiful filly with lots of color and a pair of beautiful blue eyes - presence to spare!











 McSperitts Dandys Mystic


DOB: 6/4/2005


Mystic is a 31.25" mare that was bred for driving and is a proven broodmare. In 2017 she had a very nice solid black filly by Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra. Open by choice.

She has been trained to drive but posting as green broke due to limited driving time since trained.



Islands Montego Bey

DOB: 2/17/2001


Montego is a 31.50" mahogany bay mare bringing to us a blend of Chocos Little Specks Red Boy from both parents as the result of linebreeding. Chocos Little Specks Red Boy is known beauty being one of the greatest foundation sires. Her dam is a Lowery mare with which consists of a concentration of Mighty breeding. 


Montego has been open by choice for 2015, 2016 & 2018. She produced a beautiful tiny, refined overo/splash filly by  Laurel Acres A Blaze N Masquerade May 24, 2017. She has been serviced by Wonder Horses Romeo By Desygn for a late May 2020 foal.







Klassique Sugar N Spice Pheira

DOB: 4/18/2014



At approximately 33.5”, this girl is a silver bay with one blue eye and the other mostly blue. She has been trained to drive but still needs time. Trained Late fall of 2017, she was not driven until August of 2018 and then again August of 2019 (still driving) she did well in both instances. She makes such a nice turn, natural, crossing over her front legs. still listing as “green broke. Her price will increase as she progresses.




Maple Shade Farm Ginger

DOB: 3/27/1999


Ginger a beautiful 32" dun mare. Is a  Sweetbriars The Crimson Cricket granddaughter (1989 Reserve National Champion Supreme Halter Horse) via A Sweetbriars Crimson Connection. Her dam was imported from Toyhorse International of West Sussex, the United Kingdom. Ginger had a beautiful dun Sabino colt by Showcase Shoot The Moon.


No longer for Sale.


Lonestar Farms Classic Debut

DOB: 6/4/2004


"Sadie" is a 32" bay mare with a pedigree packed full of the industries notable breeders which includes three different crosses to Rowdy - one being NFC Rowdys Supreme who was the dam of NFC Rowdy Reigns Supreme, sold for $70,000 in 1993 -  and two crosses to Chianti. Her pedigree shows 7 generations and includes 66 registered horses. To get the full impact click on her photo to read for yourself. Both times crossed with sabinos, she has produced sabino fillies.

For Sale: Call 

Little Kings Cherokee Gold (Little Kings Super Supreme x Little Kings Sunny Day)

DOB: 5/21/2010


Little Kings Cherokee Gold (aka Coop) is a gorgeous 37" Palomino gelding. He has been shown country pleasure driving at a variety of shows, wears his bridle nicely making a beautiful picture in harness. He has been driven by youth drivers.




Cottontails Lil Bobbie Socks

DOB: 4/28/2011

AMHA: A207927/AMHR 321755

"Bobbi" is such a little sweetheart. She had a beautiful, refined sabino dun filly by Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra. Bobbi had an awesome black and white pinto colt by Showcase Shoot The Moon. As a bonus, this mare has also been trained to drive.


For Sale: $2,500.00 







 "Kate" our a 2005, AMHA/AMHR, 29.5" sweet little package is on the next page.....





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